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Taiho Pharmaceutical Releases Pitas Sore Throat Troche in Japan on October 5 A Sticker-type Troche to be Placed on the Roof of the Mouth That is Helpful in Business Meetings (05/10/2017)

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced today that on Thursday, October 5 it has launched throughout Japan the Pitas Sore Throat Troche (designated quasi-drug), a sticker-type troche to be placed on the roof of the mouth. It is effective against sore and swollen throats.

The thin sticker-type formulation makes it possible to take the troche without other people noticing, as it does not get in the way when speaking.
Listening to the voices of office workers who say, “Cough drops and conventional troches are hard to take in business meetings as well as when communicating with customers,” the company developed the troche by improving its usefulness in addition to effectiveness. It is also handy to carry around, as its thin package allows it to fit in a business card case or commuter-pass holder without making it bulky.

Taiho Pharmaceutical will continue to contribute to people’s health and happy lifestyles in Japan.

  • Box of 12 
  • Individual packaging

For details of the Pitas Sore Throat Troche, visit the Pitas brand website below. (In Japanese only)

For a limited time, the Pitas brand website is streaming an original Pitas video featuring artists such as Ayaka Hirahara, Anna Tsuchiya, KEN LLOYD, KEYTALK, and vistlip as well as a video in which eight Instagrammers who contribute to women’s fashion magazines demonstrate how to use Pitas.

Features of the Pitas Sore Throat Troche

1.A sticker-type troche to be placed in the mouth without taking water. It is useful in business meetings and when communicating with customers.
2.A thin package that is handy to carry around
3.Does not cause drowsiness
4.Peach flavor

Product Overview

Brand name Pitas Sore Throat Troche
Risk categories Designated quasi-drug
Suggested retail price 500 yen (excl. tax) for pack of 12
Active Ingredients Cetylpyridinium chloride hydrate 8.28 mg (in six lozenges)
Indications • Sore throat, swollen throat, throat irritation, discomfort and hoarseness due to throat inflammation. 
• Oral sterilization/disinfection
• Elimination of bad breath
Dosage and administration 15 years old and older: one troche 4 – 6 times daily
Under 15 years old: do not take
Launch date Launched throughout Japan on Thursday, October 5, 2017
Manufacturer Kyukyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Distributor Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Information in this news release was current as of the original release date.

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