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Taiho to Donate a Total of JPY 55 Million to 15 Organizations Related to Cancer and Health, to Mark its 55th Anniversary (30/10/2017)

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced today that it will donate a total of JPY 55 million over five years to a total of 15 organizations related to cancer and health, to mark its 55th anniversary. The company has already made the first donation.

Taiho Pharmaceutical celebrated its 55th anniversary this year. The company recognizes that its 55 years of growth and business development are thanks to the company’s stakeholders, including consumers. To express its appreciation for that support, the company planned and implemented this commemorative event as part of its CSR initiatives with employee participation.

During the event, Taiho Pharmaceutical sold within the company 55th anniversary limited edition packages of Tiovita Drink, which employees then gave with love, as “Special Tiovita Drink,” to thank the people they are grateful for.

The company will donate a total of JPY 55 million as a matching gift against the proceeds from the sale of those packages. The amount given to the 15 organizations will reflect the wishes of the employees who made the purchases.

The donations are intended to support each organization’s future activities.

  • Tiovita Drink Limited Edition Package

Taiho Pharmaceutical will continue to strive to improve human health and contribute to a society enriched by smiles.

The 15 Organizations

Organizations Related to Cancer

1. Ashinaga programs to support students orphaned by cancer
2. Cancer Patients Support Organization*1
3. Cancer Support Community Japan*2
4. Bring Ray of Hope*2
5. CancerNet Japan*2
6. Gold Ribbon Network*2
8. Happy Mamma*2
9. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network*1
10. maggie’s tokyo*2

Organizations Related to Health

1. AfriMedico*1
2. TABLE FOR TWO International*2
4. Japan Hospital Clown Association*1
5. Family House*2

*1: Non-profit organization
*2: Certified NPO

Information in this news release was current as of the original release date.

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